I co-direct the NEU Systems Security Lab along with Engin Kirda. We are a member institution of iSecLab. If you’re interested in joining our research group, take a moment to read my advice for applicants first.

My research interests span a broad variety of practical security issues, ranging from systems to mobile devices to the web.

Active Projects

Defending Cyber-Physical Systems using Federated Learning of Physical Models

Plasticity: Breaking the Vicious Crash-Recover Cycle for Brittle Firmware

Continuum: Finding Space and Time Vulnerabilities in Java Programs

Automated Reverse Engineering of Commodity Software

Firmalice: Modeling and Identifying Malice in Firmware

Multi-Disciplinary Preparation of Next Generation Information Assurance Practitioners

Past Projects

DarkDroid: Exposing the Dark Side of Android Marketplaces

Automated Inference of High-Level Program Structure