The NEU Systems Security Lab

I co-direct the NEU Systems Security Lab along with Engin Kirda. If you're interested in joining our research group, please take a moment to read my advice for applicants first.


My current interests revolve around improving the security of operating systems, mobile devices, and the web. My research makes use of techniques such as security by design, program analysis, and anomaly detection. In the past, I've worked in other areas, such as electronic voting security and intrusion detection. I remain interested in these topics, and am happy to discuss my prior work. But, I'm not currently pursuing a research agenda in these areas. I maintain a full list of my publications, and you can also view my academic service record.


Firmalice: Modeling and Identifying Malice in Firmware
Co-Principal Investigator
DARPA — Vetting Commodity IT Software and Firmware (VET)

Automated Inference of High-Level Program Structure
Principal Investigator

DarkDroid: Exposing the Dark Side of Android Marketplaces
Co-Principal Investigator
DARPA — Automated Program Analysis for Cybersecurity (APAC)

Multi-Disciplinary Preparation of Next Generation Information Assurance Practitioners
Co-Principal Investigator
NSF — Scholarship for Service (SFS)